Sincerely, Forever Yours

by fragileharto

Since the year of 2009 I had been struggling with so many different issues. I felt tired of life and did not know which direction I was walking in. God was no longer a part of me and I felt so disconnected from everything around me including myself.

However, during September 2013 there was an incentive for my life to change and in December 2013 my life began to change remarkably for the better. I have come to accept myself more and more and confidence as well as peace are the results of this. I can say that I am happy. Despite whatever my circumstances may seem like. It is well with my soul.

Of course I still have my ups and downs ( I actually might have a post about that coming soon) but I can rely on God to take care of whatever I am going through whilst having faith that I am at the right place at the right time and if I am supposed to be at a different place I will be.

Hence, this poem of gratitude to my maker. I hope you guys enjoy it. I know it’s kind of different to the usual posts.

God bless you!