my fragile heartDear Reader,

I hope this text finds you well. My name is Nadine but many people call me Nae. I am a twenty-something. I used to be a student of the Liberal Arts at an academic institution. Now I am a student of Life at the insitution earth. It’s a nice place to study although I have enrolled in this study programme a little over twenty years ago and I don’t see graduation coming anytime soon. The curriculum is pretty unorganized and I never know what’s coming. You can’t really pick your courses. You just take them and go through the examination periods. When you pass them, you come out stronger, if not wiser. This is a blog about my life, about my thoughts and about my heart that is fragile, just like everyone else’s ( yours is too, quit playing games). It shall include poetry, short stories, essays and perhaps a surprise video where you get to see my face.

I have written many « about » page entries for many different blogs that I have launched and unlaunched. I used to think that it was merely a lack of discipline that I never kept up with the blog. However, I have just spent almost half a year away from the world dealing with who I am (in Christ).  That is when I understood that my  former blogs were a rag rug of different identities I had invented and retrieved from human beings I look(ed) up to. Yes and although they are all personalities that I love, admire and learn from, I am not them. I am Nadine/ Nae. I am still not sure what « being Nadine/Nae » entails and sometimes I proudly reply with a sneer when somebody tells me that they know who they are. Life is about re-searching for yourself and digging deep, confronting the dirty and ugly, cleaning it out and starting all over again. It will never be over. There will always be a higher level to attain. So here I am : a student of life trying to figure things out despite the theoretical knowledge of the fact that I never fully will. Hence, this blog: for hart-O!s as fragile as mine.